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When I purchased Sealtech Manufacturing in 2013, I never envisioned that I would be spending so much time out of every day answering phone calls and replying to emails from my fellow RVers, requesting information on who has the Sealtech Leak Testing units and where are they located, and how much does it cost etc , etc. The word has spread and consumers have heard so many good things about Sealtech Leak Testing, they just want to know where is the closest location to them, that preforms the Sealtech Leak Test. 


  I have also been consulting with some of the larger insurance companies about the possibility of them offering discounts to policy holders who have their 2 year old or older RV’s tested for leaks on a annual basis, or when used RVs change hands and get re-titled.  As that becomes a reality, I will need to devote my energy to the building & manufacturing of Sealtech Testing units. as demand for them is increasing.


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Therefore I have employed an independent firm to create, build, and monitor a new website called Sealtech Leak  Devoted exclusively for the purpose of supplying the Public & Insurance Companies with that detailed information.


Anyone who has purchased a Sealtech unit from Sealtech Manufacturing USA will receive a 1-year free subscription to the new website and will be able to advertise the following information:

  Company name, location, email address, phone number and a direct link to your website.

Anyone who employs the Sealtech testing unit can subscribe to a 1-year listing for just $59.95 or a 2-year subscription for $ 99.95 


 If you are interested in generating additional leads for your service Department please contact .. or click on... List Your Business 


 We also hope to expand this department to helping supply our clientele with such things as window stickers, shop banners and other forms of advertising that would help generate additional income for the service department.



  Scott A. De Ladurantaye


   This website is supported and funded SOLELY by its participants.

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